Sampletalk Research is a small private company doing research in Machine Learning.

The research strategy is outlined here and here


Besides this research, we introduce a single multipurpose video-based system, which can be trained for detecting and locating various objects and situations in real time on a road, in a production line, in working environment, in the application of medical imaging devices etc. A simple alerting language serves for the definition of specific tasks for the system.

Our patent-pending technology facilitates creation of various real-time intelligent vision systems using a single universal approach.

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Video Examples:


Recognizing and detecting fingers

among other moving objects


Locating vehicle identification plates

Detecting assemblies among simple parts


Detecting a contact situation while using electrical appliances


Human face with iris marked

Detecting human hand intrusion


Detecting the intrusion of a human while animals ignored

Dynamic marking of a human pupil in complex illumination environment





Gaze tracking using a Smartphone front camera, in ordinary light



Publications and white papers:

Sampletalk Technology Presentation

Presentation of System on Chip (SoC) IP Core for Pattern Recognition in Computer Vision

Short description of related SoC IP Core

From Smart Camera to Intelligent Vision System

Video Sequence Understanding: Real-Time (Online) vs. Offline Processing

Knowledge Representation & Sampletalk Language



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